Perceive. Cease. Seize. An authentic simulation of the UN conference wherein the participants are referred to as delegates representing a nation or a state, required to discuss several issues and crisis concerning international politics. Improving the youth's awareness to embrace the ever changing world, it's not your average talk show but a trailblazing affair where you magnify views from all directions of the room and solidify your own.

UNITED NATIONS OFFICE OF DRUGS AND CRIME : UNODC was established to assist the United Nations in better addressing a coordinated, comprehensive response to the interrelated issues of illicit trafficking in and abuse of drugs, crime prevention and criminal justice, international terrorism and political corruption.
Agenda: Preventing and Combating Cybercrime

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Mr. Kumar Saurabh, Chairperson

A soon-to-be Senior Analyst, reading in his fourth year of Food Technology and Biochemical Engineering. He takes a keen interest in international politics, He believes calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, Apart from MUNs, He is also a University Blue in Basketball .He is looking forward to a very high quality of debate HITMUN 2019 and expects the participants to optimize their research and use it to come out with practical solutions.

Ms. Anomitra Paul, Vice-Chairperson

Anomitra Paul has been a prolific orator since her schooldays. Her interest in MUNs is more recent, having been induced in her from her peer group at Jadavpur University. She has a unique interest in matters of international politics.

Speaking from experience, she regards MUNs as sandboxes that require one to exercise their cerebral faculties and personality to the best of their abilities, and hone skills that eventually reap benefits in the long run. With a natural flair for debating and problem-solving, she continues to build a better tomorrow.

  • Akansha Chaudhary - 8372947546

  • Sonal Bhattacharya - 7908299737

  • Ashwini Kumar - 9932047027

  • Pratyush - 9609689494

  • Sampreet - 7384885692

  • Salil - 7562955698

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